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She’s So Sweet is a series of rosy pink photographs, harking back to the 60’s 'model woman' and housewife. Here we have the evolved, 5 star energy rated woman – yes she does it all – she cooks, she cleans, she brings home the bacon, she keeps herself looking good and keeps us connected to our kin.


The exhibition series begins with our 'model woman', dressed in a bodice of piped pink icing and a full skirt decorated in cream swirls, a beehive of melting fairy floss. When the dress is done – she eats it. Then the 'artist as model' is transformed into domestic multi tasking bliss– sporting an apron made of pink gloves that have a distinct association of multiple udders, she bakes a feast of pink patty cakes and keeps up crispy clean domestic 'service' all with the help of her handy ‘modern’ appliances. Yes this woman is actually ‘now’ – beyond 2000. This woman is a player in economy – she's a working career climber. Here she is photographed working in an environment resonating modernist mouldings - her white lap top offset by her neat, pink business suit made of chux cloths – her cute hand bag made of bacon.


And next we see images to show that this woman has down time – a picnic party in the park with the kids, family and friends.The patty cakes are cooked, the picnic rug and gingham table cloth set the scene, everyone is taken care of, she has time for relaxation and research - our latest tabloid facts and figures – she was and is – so sweet.


These images are ponderables. On one hand the artist is trying to elude to a faultless, fantasy world - one that is not ours – but the familiar 60’s feel reminds us this is somewhere we have come from and the insertion of very contemporary symbols defies dismissing this all as ‘the past’. These images tease us – prompt us to ask how far have we come – is it really about doing it all with 5 star energy ratings? Can we sustain it all and do we really have the energy? How much "fun are we having”? Was and is "damned domesticity" all that bad? Maybe we need to re-edit the script – isn’t that what we have been doing all the way along – no shame in that, the confidence to correct errors is the substance of progress.

She's So Sweet

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