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About the artist

Barbara Doran works as an artist, art director and university lecturer. She was born in Wagga Wagga, Australia and grew up in Southern African countries Swaziland and Zimbabwe. Known for a diverse mix of skills, studies and experiences, her artwork similarly employs inter-disciplinary mediums including costume, film, photography, installations and food. Her artwork revolves around the voice and intelligence of our bodies in helping us to respond to the dilemmas of personal, collective and environmental health. Barbara probes these questions by exploring  ideology and the way macro and micro relationships intersect with physical and symbolic systems. Barbara’s work has been exhibited in several solo and group shows since 2003. In 2013 she was a winner in UNESCO’s Bioethics and Art photography prize  and in 2009 and 2010 she was the national winner of the “She” award. She has also been a finalist in other national competitions including the Olive Cotton Award and Westpac Redland’s Emerging Artist exhibition. 


Barbara Doran’s work focuses upon the shifting grounds of global understandings, their differences, values, histories and the very ‘real’ realities they bare. Barbara grew up in Africa where these issues were highly visible. Returning to Australia and the so called ‘first’ world only enhanced her awareness that there are 2 sides to every coin.

Barbara’s art is also informed by other life experiences including world travel and studies in architecture, psychology, philosophy and anthropology. She has built a rammed earth house by hand and  played a co–ordinating role in community development projects and festivals. She has a MA in Environmental Planning and a PhD in Art.


Along with her art, education and research practice, Barbara has worked as art director in commercial and community based multi media projects including film, television, festivals, photography and music.

Selected Awards and Sponsorships

2021 – Inner West Council, Residency

2021 – Inners West Council, Residency

2020 – Acts of Care, Social impact Grant, UTS

2020 – Artist residence with Carers in residence project, Carers Research Project, UTS.

2019 – The Hive, SPHERE, NHMRC

2016 – Blake prize – director’s cut.

2015 – UNESCO Art and Bioethics Award, ‘Photography, winner

2013 – UNESCO Art and Bioethics Award, ‘Photography, winner

2012 - Redlands Westpac Art Prize emerging artists prize category

2012 - Brother Win International Design Contest, Mongolia.

2012 –University of Sydney – PPRS grant.

2011 - University of Sydney – PPRS grant.

2010 – Walker St Gallery – “She” national competition - winner.

2010 – Walker St Gallery/Deakin University - finalist

2009 – Walker St Gallery – “She” national competition – winner.

2009 – Olive Cotton Award - finalist

2007 – She Who dreams  - national selection

2004 - BP Solar (sponsorship) – Solar jacket – sculpture

2000 – Sunrise National – winner best animation.



UNESCO  Texas - ACT Govt. – Peas in a pod – Painting, Paper bark fish, Green peace, collection, Australia Post – Concern for the Trees, United Nations travelling art – Portrait of a Friend * Various private collections

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